Poster Vitoria Regia

The Enchanted Quest for the Vitoria Regia, by Mari Salmonson

It was a sunny afternoon at the park, and Hazel and Rowan were exploring the area in search of new adventures. Suddenly, Rowan spotted something different near a lake: a frog wearing a suit, tie, and top hat???!?!?!!

Hazel approached to get a closer look but thought to himself, “It must be time for my nap… I’m seeing things that don’t exist here!” Curiously, Rowan also approached and asked, “Who are you, and why are you dressed like that?”

Hazel looked to the side, startled, realizing that either they were all experiencing a collective delusion or this was really happening! The frog looked at the kids with his large eyes and said, “My name is Dr. Sapo, pleased to meet you! I come from a distant planet and need help to save my home, which is in danger. I believe I’ve found some very special children, as not all humans can see or talk to me! Can I count on your courage?”

Rowan was excited about the idea of embarking on an interplanetary mission. He smiled and replied, “Of course, Dr. Sapo! I love adventures! But I think we need more people to help us. I’ll call my friends.”


The Magic Portal

Rowan found his friends Grace, Hazel, Elisa, Laura, and Sophia and told them about Dr. Sapo and the mission to save his planet. The kids were amazed and eager to embark on this adventure.

While discussing where the portal to Dr. Sapo’s planet could be, Laura, the observant one, noticed a strange glow coming from a tree trunk on the ground of the park. She pointed at it and said, “Look! I think this trunk might be the portal to Dr. Sapo’s planet!”

Everyone gathered around, and with a bit of hesitation, they touched the trunk. To their surprise, the trunk started glowing intensely and transformed into a magical gateway.

The children crossed the portal and arrived at Dr. Sapo’s planet. What they saw left them worried: withered trees, lifeless plants, and dry rivers. Dr. Sapo explained that deforestation was destroying the planet, and they needed to find a solution.

While exploring the planet, the children encountered Iara, a mermaid from Brazilian folklore. They looked at her with compassion, noticing how sad she was. The mermaid, with her teary eyes, expressed her concern about the state of the planet and the importance of the Victoria Regia flower (Lilly flower) in restoring life around them.

“It’s so sad to see nature like this,” said Iara in a soft voice. “The Victoria Regia is our last hope, but it’s also disappearing rapidly.”

Understanding the urgency of the situation, the children promised to help. Sophia, determined, said, “Don’t worry, Iara. We’ll help, but first, we need to know where we can find this magical flower.”

Grateful for their willingness to help, Iara smiled and replied, “The Victoria Regia used to grow in a sacred lake, surrounded by ancient trees, in the heart of this planet. It’s the last place where nature still resists deforestation. But our planet’s geography has changed so much that I can no longer recognize anything. I’m sorry I can’t guide you there, but I hope you can find it and save our existence!”


In Search of the Victoria Regia


The children gathered in a circle, and Elisa began to tell them the legend of Iara.

“You know, Iara was a very beautiful and brave Indian woman,” said Elisa. “Everyone admired her beauty and her skills as a warrior. Unfortunately, her own brothers became jealous of her and decided to fight her.”

The children listened attentively as Elisa continued the story.

“During the fight, Iara ended up hurting her brothers, and that scared her a lot,” Elisa continued. “She knew that the tribe’s shaman, who was also her father, wouldn’t be happy with what happened. Afraid of punishment, she decided to run away.”

Sophia, as curious as ever, interrupted, “Where did she go, Elisa?”

Elisa smiled and answered, “Well, Sophia, it’s said that after running away, Iara was found by the shaman, and he punished her by throwing her into the icy river!!!! But something incredible happened. The river’s fish saved Iara, and she transformed into a beautiful mermaid.”

Hazel, with an excited expression, added, “Guys, I remember now! According to what my aunt Mari told me, Iara originally lives between the Negro and Solimões rivers in the Amazon region. Maybe the Victoria Regia is also nearby! This could be our clue to finding the flower that will save Dr. Sapo’s planet!!!”.

Grace couldn’t believe everything they were experiencing; it seemed like a dream. However, someone had to bring reason to these adventurous kids, and she said, “It’s a good idea, but… we live in another hemisphere of the planet Earth, and right now, we’re on a planet I don’t even know where it is! How are we going to get to the Amazon?”

That’s when Dr. Sapo appeared excitedly, “Lucky for us, my planet, Solaria, has a magic portal to every place on planet Earth where magical creatures live. And the Amazon is one of the main ones. Come, and I’ll show you!”

The children agreed enthusiastically, ready to continue their journey in search of the Lily flower. Together, they set off, guided by the legend of Iara and accompanied by Dr. Sapo, hoping to find the magical flower that would bring life back to Solaria.

Guided by the legend of Iara, they explored the rivers Negro and Solimões in search of the long-awaited flower.

As they walked through the dense forest, Laura, always attentive to details, noticed a mysterious gleam among the trees. Curious, she called her friends, and they all rushed towards the shimmering light. To their surprise and delight, they found a magical lagoon filled with brilliant and stunning Lily flowers.

Excitedly, Laura exclaimed, “Look! This is it! We’ve found the lagoon with the Lily flower! This is our chance to save the planet from Dr. Sapo!”

With care, the children plucked a Lily flower and felt its vibrant energy. They were certain that this was the flower that would save the planet from Dr. Sapo.

The Salvation of the Planet

With the Lily flower in their hands, the children continued their journey to the central lake of Dr. Sapo’s planet. Sophia carefully held the plant as they walked through the lush landscape.

Finally, they arrived at the bright and serene lake. Grace, the oldest and most protective of the group, took the Victoria Regia (Lily flower) from Sophia’s hands and gently planted it in the lake. As the petals unfolded, magical energy enveloped the planet, bringing life and renewal to everything around them.

The rivers began to flow with crystal-clear waters, the trees regained their strength, and the plants stood tall with vigor. Dr. Sapo’s planet was saved!

An indescribable joy filled the children’s hearts as they witnessed the miracle before their eyes. Dr. Sapo expressed his gratitude and praised the courage and determination of his young friends.